Upcoming Hiatus


Starting on monday, nov 3rd, I'll be taking a break from LiveJournal, and the communities i visit to curb my constant checking.

Please feel free to add me to whatsapp, text me and/or email me (you can request my info via PM until before I go to bed on sunday, nov. 2nd)

Thanks for understanding my need to curb my
LiveJournal time ^_^



Thanks for your patience ^_^

Quick Sales

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Ok, so here we go

Tomy Black Kyurem - $9.99 (Charizard thinkchip for size comparison, pillow for decoration xD )

Jakks Arceus - $7.50

TOMY Druddigon - $5

Entei Pokedoll Loved Condition - $12

Unofficial/Bootleg Pansage hat - $6

McDonalds Pikachu BNIP Includes TCG card - $2

Reshiram EX - $6.50
Umbreon Prime - $3
Giratina LV.X - $3
Korean Mewtwo EX - $5

Shiny Emboar - $9
Black Kyurem - $1

Registeel EX - $8
Moltres EX - $6

Kyurem EX - $6
Zapdos EX - $6
And now for the auction, its this dragonite thinkchip figure. If you are very picky with details, please look at the pictures well before you bid. Plz remember, if you click on a picture, I make $5 automatically (JK) but seriously, you can see a larger version of it

Auction rules:

  1. Please, lets avoid the snipe game. You snipe, the auction will extend 5 more minutes until there are no more bids, and you may lower your chance of winning the item, as you are getting the competition to move and keep bidding against you

  2. I can see when you bid, so if you bid and delete it later, I will know it and leave you a negative feedback

  3. Auction ends on monday the 10th at 11:59 PM Est. As usual, here is a counter ^______^

  4. PLEASE, PLEASE enjoy your time bodding =P

  5. Plz ask questions before bidding =)

  6. Thanks mencie for loaning me your back to take pics of the dragonite ^__^ (mencie is my ultra soft and ultra cute salamence made by our own lyndsaygorawr)

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Let's start =)

Keldeo MPC with all tags - $9.99

TOMY USA Black Kyurem (a little taller than Keldeo) - $9.99

Oshawott line zukan - $8.99

Energy Search - $0.20 each
Cilan - $0.25
Scramble Switch - $3.49
Plasma Frigate - $0.20
Crystal Wall - $1.49
Escape Rope - $0.39
R/H Escape Rope - $0.49

Reverse Skyla - $3
Colress Machine - $0.25
Hypnotoxic Laser - $2.99

And for the auction, I'm selling shiny virizion because I really don't have the space for it on my shelves any longer, and rather than throwing her  to a box and have her collect dust, I rather pass on to a new and loving home with space for her. She's really pretty, as you can see on the pics

Please remember the no sniping rule.
Auction will end on saturday at 9PM EST =)
There is a loose "boot" on virizion. It has been like that since I got her.
Virizion starts at $50. I paid over $90 for her, so I'm giving her for almost 50% of the price



Thanks for reading!! :D